Kneepad, the iOS app that fits on your knee

This application is made for displaying huge-resolution images. The first use of this feature is maps. Maps are often very high-resolution, and iOS devices are not well adapted to displaying these files.

Kneepad puts no limit on picture resolution, which is really useful if you want to browse a 15,000 x 10,000 pixels Tactical Pilotage Chart (some are freely available at the Texas University Online Library), like I do when I fly in DCS:World with my VEAF friends  !

The maps displayed by Kneepad are tiled image files (high-resolution files cut into small tiles in several scales). They are easy to create with ImageMagick (check in the FAQ), and you will find on this site a few maps of Georgia  – the one in Europe 😉

Kneepad can also display standard documents (pdf files support pending) such as briefing maps, starting parking plans, VFR approach routes and whatever standard-resolution image you want to use (even a picture of your girlfriend if you want).

If you have questions or encounter a bug, please use the support request form, I’ll do my best to answer each email personally.

Current features : 

  • huge-resolution image files supported (without limits)
  • standard-resolution image files supported (up to 10 Giga-pixels)
  • documents management (import, delete, open mail attachments in app)

Planned features : 

  • PDF support (free)
  • data entry annotations (probably In-App-Purchase)
  • data entry exchange : export, send by email, over-the-net synchronization with other users (In-App-Purchase)
  • syncing of position with the game engine (DCS plugin, In-App-Purchase)

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